Halo Extreme Question on SERM/PCT

  1. Halo Extreme Question on SERM/PCT

    I recently purchased a bottle of halo extreme PH,i plan to take 2 caps a day for 4 weeks. throughout my research many sources are saying since it doesnt aromatize(convert to estrogen) that the use of a SERM is not needed, i also purchased a bottle of Formadrol extreme for my PCT, i plan on taking 4 caps 1st week, 2 caps 2nd and 3rd week, 1 cap on the last week for pct. Do i need a SERM for this cycle? Is this PCT plan good enough? thanks

  2. well you are using halo/ hdrol/ helladrol (same compound ) @ 50mg for 4wks. A serm isnt needed but would be nice. Adding DAA and a solid T booster to your pct along with formadrol will cover you. Id go DAA + HCGenerate

  3. Thanks for the input, i got some anabolic matrix as a test booster now just need to pick up some DAA

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