havoc pct with research chems?

  1. havoc pct with research chems?

    looking to start a 4 week havoc cycle @ 30/30/30/40. This will be my first ph ever taken. my question is a bout research chems. the bottles for torem or nolva say 60 ml/mg so how many bottles would i need for a proper pct? thanks

    thinking of taking a serm along with hcgenerate, litup, and some creatine.

  2. from what I see is that most people take 20/20/10/10, they have generic tamoxifen which is tablet form online, and it's pharma grade.

  3. that means every 1ml is 60mg.

  4. so 1 bottle would be good for 30 days of pct? could you pm your recommendations for pct? and thank you gymrat for clarification.



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