Drop 3-5 body fat

  1. Drop 3-5 body fat

    Are you likely to drop 3-5% of body fat, so 14 to 10, with a pct including forma-stanzol and lean xtreme, and decent cardio?

  2. your not likely to drop that much weight in 4 weeks no matter what your on, unless your goal is to lose muscle. That being said cutting during pct is a big no no, unless again your goal is to lose muscle.

  3. do not try and cut duing PCT. You will lose all the new muscle gained. PCT needs to have a cal surplus, like 4-500 cals extra to hold/maintain new muscle gains.

    I thought if i used clomid, hcgenerte, DAA, forma stanzol i could cut during pct.....nope. lost 11 of my new 14lbs. stupid stupid stupid, dumbest idea i ever had using anabolics.

    Last, you pct is lacking T boosters.....lean extreme + forma stanzol. 1 is for cortisol control, the other is a AI....where are your T boosters?? serm??

  4. I only put the fat burning supps in there, I have activate xtreme; and some iforce fadogia 500 throughout cycle and pct. I was thinking more of having a surplus but having really intense workouts; I am using forma throughout cycle and pct in a sort of pyramid fashion, so peak forma is going on week 3&4 of cycle and start of pct then tapering it to eliminate all chances of est. rebound after pct. Also I am taking lean xtreme in week 3-7 of my pct accompanied with forma and IForce, week one and two pct is form, IForce, activate. Also I am reverse tapering activate starting in week 2 of cycle so half dosage to full dosage in pct.

  5. Cut before you bulk. Hitting a true 10% is tough man. Extend PCT with a combo of Erase and EndoAmp to keep cortisol low. Best thing to get lean, imo, along with diet and perhaps AIs.
    Sustain Alpha is back!

  6. regardless, if you cut during pct or post pct you will lose quite a bit of muscle. if you are still on cycle i would start cutting now


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