Andropen/Dbol 12 week cycle PCT suggestions

  1. Andropen/Dbol 12 week cycle PCT suggestions

    finishing up a cycle of Andropen 275 pinning twice a week kickstarted w 21 days of dbol 25 mg a day. would 6 weeks of nolva tapered down and possibly the TRS or possibly Purus Labs Recycle at the end be sufficient? would an AI be necessary? And how many mgs to dose the nolva at as well I feel that many ppl overdose instead of using the most efficient dose. had a little nip soreness but running a very light ATD now and feeling better any suggestions would be greatly appreciated kinda unsure of how exactly to attack it. most compounds are available to me, not a rookie just need a little guidance made excellent gains and trying to hold onto them. Thanks brothers.

  2. anybody? actually using clomid for my pct instead still undecided as to the exact length and dosage of my pct any info at all would be cool. also debating whether or not to use Recycle or the TRS for my natty part of the PCT heard nothing but good things about both took my last shot today waiting 18 days to start my SERM

  3. chamon boys nothin huh?

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