Nolvadex- Pill or Liquid?

  1. Nolvadex- Pill or Liquid?

    I have been looking hard for Nolva and it is pretty easy to find, yet its really hard for me to trust it in its liquid form as we dont know exactly what it is. I have seen a couple sites selling it as a pill in a generic form that seems to match up with the script Nolva as 10mg tablets.

    I dont know if Im allowed to post a link to a specific site, but it looks like it carries and sells the real deal. Can anyone shed some light on my worries and possible tell me about a reputable place and if there are any legal issues? I can also share the link for the site, by PM if necessary.

  2. Research chem places almost always (95%) have liquid. There is one place that I know that's open all day and it sells pharm grade, in pills.
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