GnRH and clomid?

  1. GnRH and clomid?

    Hey guys new to the site, not new to the game. Def new to this peptide tho. I'm getting ready to wrap up my curent cycle and hit up pct...don't really want to come off but that's an other topic. I have a ton of **** to run for pct, ive used everything I have before except the GnRH. So heres the question...for those of you that have run GnRH is it necessary to do clomid as well or not so much? My buddy advices to do a shot of trip then mega dose clomid for a week at high dosages to get things going. Is this a good idea?

    Does anyone have a pct protocol that includes trip? I was also thinking of banging 100mcg trip then doing hcgenerate for 8 weeks maybe after that I could do some clomid?

  2. What I have read Trip is pretty scary and a user on here got really messed up from it. Others it was great. i am thinking they did a shot of Trip waited a week and started low dose clomid like 25 mg for a few weeks. something odd like that. dont quote me, start researching.

    Why not go with jsut clomid at highdose stacked with exestane and DAA.

  3. How is it scary? If like to know how the user on here got ****ed up from it would be great if you could link a thread...dude was probably an idiot and did more than he was supposed to or he got some bunk peptide. Either way that doesn't really answer my question.

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