Drug Interactions

  1. Drug Interactions

    Are there any types of interactions between nolva and clomid if taking them together? I know a lot of people run nolva/clomid combo for pct, and I was thinking about trying it.

    I am just curious if there is any research that shows they are not safe to take together? Not looking for broscience or reasons like "I know a ton of people who have done it and they are fine". Looking for solid evidence that they are OK to combine.

  2. sure you CAN run them both together. But they are both SERMS. For some reason I feel like this question has come up like 12 times in the past few days. You'd be much better off just picking one, nolva being my personal preference. And then maybe throw in a fadogia product like hcgenerate to kickstart the libido back up.

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