HELP PLEASE - 3 weeks test prop anavar

  1. HELP PLEASE - 3 weeks test prop anavar

    Hi all, basically what's happened is - I'm 3 weeks into my test prop anavar cycle, I'm running 100mg eod and only 30mg anavar I've come to my last 100mg today... I can't get hold of the guy I buy off. Yes I know I should have stocked up but I was stupid and never, I still have the anavar and I've got plenty of armidiex, nolvadex and clomid.

    I was just wondering what would be wise to do

    if I come off the test prop after today, should I continue to run the anavar and if so do I need to run some nolvadex or clomid as I'm coming off the prop?

    Or if I come off them both, what would you recommend?

    Hopefully he'll get back to me today and it'll be fine

    but please I really need help, it will be appreciated!

  2. Poor planning, but you already know that. So, if it were me I would be inclined to halt everything and get right into pct. Because the anabolics you have left really ain't gonna cut it. Since you have pct gear, run either or a combo of both for a month at the appropriate dosages. good luck

  3. thanks for the advice, what dosages would you run if you were in my position? i didn't plan to come off it for at least 6 weeks so dont know what to do about pct with only a 3 week cycle?


  4. i've heard that 20mg for 7-10 days can be enough for this, would you recommend more? I have been doing my research but I find so much different opinions etc its hard to understand what exactly is needed for just the 3 weeks cycle

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