Best pct for epi cycle?

  1. Best pct for epi cycle?

    im going to start a epi cycle/20/30/30/30
    whats the best pct that you would recomend for this cycle?


  2. I ran an epi cycle about 2 years ago I used pct assist and inhibit-e as the pct, I didn't use a serm but it was also my second cycle (if you count m1-d as a cycle lol) and I didn't know all that I know now.

    I'd recommend a natty test booster, an anti estrogen/ anti cortisol and definately a SERM.

  3. Ideal pct imo:
    clomid: 50/50/50/50 OR torem: 120 (first 3)90/60/60/30
    daa: 3g/day (buy bulk from NP)
    hcgen: rec. dose
    anti-cort of your choice (have used ds lx and pp eam, like both)

    This is the base for all my pcts, and I normally feel fully recovered by the end of week 2/early week 3. If you really increase your chances of maintaining gains, throw in some Osta or Anabeta. Haven't tried either, but both have gotten great reviews as add-ins to pct recently. Hope this helps.


  4. HCGenerate
    Forma stanzol

    Plus any serm of your choice

  5. Quote Originally Posted by gymrat827 View Post
    Forma stanzol

    Plus any serm of your choice
    This would be the best bet and what I would do. The trio of HCGenerate, DAA, and Formastanozol along with a SERM (Clomid preferably) would be a killer PCT. Only thing I would even consider adding to that would be some Ostarine Sarm.
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