Test Cypionate 250 Cycle Only

  1. Test Cypionate 250 Cycle Only

    First off, let me post you information about myself as I am a new member.

    Age - 23
    Weight - 162
    Height - 5'11"

    Been working out for 2 years pretty hardcore except the last 3 months (Been up north working in PA but I started right back up yesterday)
    I was at 173lbs max when I was working out and never exceeded that for about 5 months. I have done a PH (Omnevol) a while back to play around and i found out i was very prone to gyno. It went away naturally but took about 8 months. I used a cheap OTC PCT. I'm not doing the cycle now, I want to wait until i get back to around 170lbs close to where i was before i start. It will be my first real cycle on ANYTHING and want to do it right. I been doing a little but of reading, but can't seem to find exactly what i need. I plan on doing 250mg/week for 10 weeks (start off mild to see how my body handles it being prone to gyno, basically a test trial) And i have also read to start low and work my way up being the body becomes immune to it over time. Now, it comes down to PCT. I'm debating on what to do for PCT, Clomid only/Nolva only/Together. I'm still searching as to where to get these products so I am in no hurry to start this cycle. I want to have everything and more research done before i do anything. Any input from you guys would be greatly appreciated.


  2. I think you're too young, and haven't been working out nearly long enough to mess with gear. At 162 pounds you need steakabol man. And 250mg a week isn't really enough, it'll put you at a higher than normal test level, yes, but not high enough to see any major gains for 10-12 weeks you will be on it. 500mg a week is pretty much what is needed in this game to see any real results.

  3. Only reason I'm back down to 162 is because I was in a hotel for 3 months with no kitchen. Couldn't cook and had to eat out every night and it got old quick, so i was a sandwich eating fool. I'm usually in the 170-173 range at full potential. I respect your words, but being a cycle of Omnevol (PH) gave me gyno, shouldn't I start off with a low dosage to see how my body would react (chemically wise)? I'm not really too worried on gains for my trail run. I just want to test my body and get the process and knowledge with hands on experience, I know every ones body is different and i could do all the reading in the world. But, when it comes to my body, i can react differently. Low dosage would make it less violent and easy to reverse anything to be prepared for my first "Real" cycle pushing in 500+mg/week. Correct me if i'm wrong. Like i said, i'm still in the reading stage and in NO rush to get this cycle going.

  4. Blasson- Just FYI, I just did 250mg of test per week and did it for 10 months. A lot of people said I wouldnt gain, too little, I was going to mess up my system, yak yak yak.....I just got my blood work back after 10 staright months of low dose and I went from 229lbs. no muscle and 29% body fat to 229lbs. 10% body fat and I look like a frickin chip n dale dancer now....diet and workout is key, low dose test works. You will get a lot of advice but it will always seem to contradict the last guy...I would tell you that pinning 1 a week, which is what I did, eat right, and workout, you will see a difference, period. If your prone to gyno, keep arimidx on hand to take if you feel it coming on.

    This isnt advice, its what I did and it made a huge difference. Take it as you will. Good luck.

  5. What the other guys have said is true on both accouns. I would add this; you are nowhere near your genetic potential and have been lifting nowhere near long enough. Twenty three and two years lifting is nothing. No disrespect to you on this either; at that young of an age good diet and solid training alone should make you grow like a friggin weed. Get up to say 190-200 and then consider a cycle. By that time you should have some solid lifts. Probably the most important thing would be that your connective tissues will have had a chance to get strong along with your muscles thus diminishing the chance of injury. While on gear, strength gains can increase too rapidly and put ligaments and tendons at a far greater risk for compromise. You'll hear this over and over again. it's a marathon not a sprint. Build a solid foundation first. Good luck whatever you decide.



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