PCT Suggestions

  1. PCT Suggestions

    Dear friends,
    I finally have a decent source for real PCT drugs, and not OTC stuff, but now reading more into it I'd like a little more clarity, especially since I'm using liquid products now, and have been accustomed to pills in previous years, when we were able to get it.... We are on an island, so things are not as easy to get over here....

    Just finishing a 12 week test cyp cycle, i'm 5'2 230lbs 18% BF

    I have for PCT:
    Liquid Nolva 30mL - (40mg/mL)
    liquid Clomid 60mL - (50mg/mL)

    i'm also getting HCG this week since it's avail, and thinking of picking up the Liquid Letro to before the Bodybuilders snatch everything up.... I'll put the mL of that stuff up when I get it, but do you think the Letro is necessary, or will Liquid Nolva, Clomid, and HCG be enough....

    I'm doing cardio 2x a day, and diet is still in tact..... I would like to shred alot of this water weight, and lower BF% a lot, and more importantly get my balls and sex drive back in gear....

    The Nolva is 40mg/mL , I was going to run that 5 days after my last inj. as followed:

    Nolva - 20mg - (.5mL) ED for 2 weeks, 10mg -(.25mL) for another 2 weeks
    Clomid - 50mg - (1mL) ED for 2 weeks

    My question is when should I start HCG?... and Should i take the Letro anyways since it's avail?

    From what people have described I do not have gyno, hard lumps, but when i'm around 18-20BF I do get fat on chest.... Which is why my cardio is up, and calories in a deficit now. Always have kept my gains, and made great progress, it's just been the last few years it has been harder to get arimi, and nolv pills, because no one carries it anymore... But I do always notice an increase in water retention and mood post cycle, so i know I am prone to gyno, and estrogen effects....

    This is prob my first post, so I wanted to give as much info as poss, and let me know if I am missing any info... Please just advise, I am coming to you because I understand you guys are very knowledgeable, not to get ripped a new one....

    Also, I bought several oral syringes, and took out the dropper in the bottle.... The taste is bad, but whatever, if you can take a 1.5' needle in the ass, you can deal with something that taste like "Satan's semen" I believed they called it....

    Thank you

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