Where'd I go wrong

  1. Where'd I go wrong

    Hey guys. Just took my first real cycle. 3 months of Test C along with 4weeks dbol and 6 var. My last 4 weeks I really started to cut cals on diet and carb cyclin (3 days=<50, 2 days 50-100, 2 days 100-200) I think this might have been not enough maintenance cals for new muscle. anyways heres the PCT I had setup

    Nolva Day 1:80mg Days 2-10: 40mg Days 10-20:20 mg Days 20-35: 10mg

    Forma stanzol 5 pumps 2x day

    HCGenerate 10 caps first 5 days then 5 rest

    Unleashed/Post cycle combo

    I'm thinkin of torem next time with a SARM and starting HCGenerate sooner along with lots more cals.

    Any input is needed and appreciated b/c I thought I had an above average PCT to keep gains

  2. 80mgs of Nolva seems like a high dose unless you were having gyno issues. Also, never cut cals during a PCT or even after. You MUST feed your newly developed muscle.

  3. yeah i think the cals is where i mssed up. A ton of quality protein 350 g + but the carbs were significantly cut last 3 weeks of cycle. any other sugg as far as the actual PCT is concerned?

  4. i didn't see where you put the results of the cycle, and why you think it 'went wrong'.
    For me, the action IS the juice.

  5. Sorry, from what other have said I lost a ton more. Went from 218 to 206 in a matter of a 12 days. Was hoping a lot was water since i cut my sodium out along with above mentioned. I look a ton better from before and afters. I jus went back to my original measurements which is killer. Lost 3/4 on arms over inch on quads, .5 calves and so on. Thing is i started at 215 of kinda sloppy weight but looked great at 217 so I know a good bit of muscle was lost



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