PCT Lethargy Lactic Acid

  1. PCT Lethargy Lactic Acid

    I had recently completed a 6 week Var cycle (which I suspect to be bunk), but nevertheless still decided to follow a PCT protocol. My PCT is nolva at 20/20/10/10.

    This is my second week of PCT and feel really flat and my muscles just feel lazy. Also, when I workout, I know I can push more but the lactic acid builds up fairly quick. Im going to add in lean xtreme to see if it fixes the problem but do you guys have any other ideas?

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  3. Maybe try adding in a good beta alanine product since it's a great lactic acid buffer. Also if you aren't on any creatine right now, hop on some, that should help as well- either straight mono or Ancient Strength.
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  4. Thanks man for the advise. I went to the gym today and just felt like crap. I could lift the weight but after about 4 reps, the lactic acid began to build up and couldn't lift anymore. I use Jack3d, along with creatine monohydrate, so I don't think there is an issue there. It may be that I'm stressing over finals and my lack of sleep that is affecting my work outs. I'm puzzled :s

  5. I think you just solved your problem op. Lack of adequate rest and solid nutrition will leave you feeling like crap. Try a few days of more food and rest and see how it goes. good luck

  6. Thanks man for reply. I don't believe its my food intake, because my diet is in check. However, I think it could be the sleep issue affecting the workout. I believe I'm getting less than 5 hours proper sleep.

  7. Problem solved fellas. Just needed a re-feeding after all this serious clean dieting. I downed 4 slices of pizza last night and felt amazing in the gym. I have also switched over to the lean gains diet today. I am actually enjoying the convince but feel bloated today. Maybe after fasting 16hrs, I won't be bloating. Thanks guys heaps for your input.


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