Appropriate HDrol PCT?

  1. Appropriate HDrol PCT?

    SERM (nolva)

    Will this be sufficient or should I stick to SERM + PCT Assist + Erase

    Thanks for the help. Other supplement suggestions are welcome as well.

  2. u could run the adamantium the last week of your cycle and into your pct. recommended dosages.

    you could add in the test booster at week 3 to boost ur free test once ur natty test level start boosting.

    run the serm from day one obviously 20/20/10/10 or 20/20/20/20 could be used.

    maybe thro in some creatine? use a preworkout post cycle for that extra boost? cortisol product? just thoughts.

    your gonna have to taper the AI but thats as much as I can help you with that..

  3. Nolva


    Erase 2 caps a day starting day 1 of PCT, Titanium starting day 1 of PCT as directed. Not a fan of starting everything aside the serm on wk3. I like to have natty stuff alongside the serm so you hold every last bit of the gains.

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