finalizing first cycle

  1. finalizing first cycle

    Hey guys, i am about to purchase my first cycle and am finalizing my plans. Can someone look this over and tell me if i am all set.
    Test E 500MG a week for 10 weeks
    weeks 4-12-nolvadex 10mg everyday-to combat estrogen and gyno because i am naturally gyno prone.
    2 weeks after last pin:
    day 1: 200mg clomid 60mg nolva
    days 2-4:150 mg clomid 40mg nolva
    5-14: 100mg clomid, 20mg nolva
    15-21:50mg clomid, 20 mg nolva
    21-28: 20mg nolva
    How does this look? also, should i get hcg? if so, how do i dose it?

    Also, i am trying to figure out just how much test i need. Obviously i need 5000mg, so how do i convert this into the number of vials i need? The vials are 250mg vials.

  2. first of all... make sure your tests dont atrophy...

    I think they said anything longer than 6 weeks... you ought to start thinking about maintaining normal body functions...

    i'm no expert though...

  3. That's some high Clomid dosage.
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