when to get blood tests after cycle?

  1. when to get blood tests after cycle?

    So I would assume that a blood test right after a cycle before PCT is rather useless... unless one wants to confirm that they're suppressed...

    But when should I get my blood test after PCT? immediately after? 1-2 weeks after? a month after? I saw a thread about bloods done after using TRS, it appeared to be 30 days AFTER the end of a 30-day PCT regiment. So if my PCT is 5-wks long, I'd have to wait another 4 wks before getting bloodwork? Can someone explain this to me?


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  3. Opinion varies on this, so just take this at face value. I think that any time after PCT is over is fine, but you have to be aware of the things that you're putting into your body. For instance, ATD can convert to a 1,4,6 testosterone metabolite that can throw off your total testosterone levels when you get your tests. I think, depending on the half-life of various supplements you're using, that you should wait at least a week being off EVERYTHING but the basics (fish oil, multi, etc) before getting bloods. Other guys will tell you longer, some may say it's fine to go the next day. Until I see a medical report suggesting a specific timeline, I'm just taking my logic and applying it.
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  4. I'm just using Nolva, TRS, and basic supps. I think I'll just go in sometime the week after PCT ends just to get it over with. I'll be on the Toco a little longer, but that's just because I ahve a 60-day supply of it. And I want to jump into my cut after PCT.


  5. 3-4 weeks after PCT to see how your body is holding up without any crutches.

  6. IMO 3-5 weeks after PCT ends.
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