Suppress-C and PCT?

  1. Suppress-C and PCT?

    Since NP has a blowout sale on this stuff, I picked up 2 bottles. Seems like it would be okay to run during PCT. So what's the consensus on using it during PCT?

    I'm finishing up week 4 of an MDrol cycle. My last week of MDrol dosage is 20/20/20/30/30/30/20. the 3-days at 30 are due to those 3 days being my 3 hypertrophy days (slightly modified layne norton routine), and to see how I respond to 30mg. Weeks 1-3 were 10/20/20 ED.

    Now, on PCT, I'll be dosing tamox at 20/20/10/10, with 40/30/30 the first 3 days just in case, I got plenty of this stuff anyways. TRS will start week2 of PCT, and continue for 4 wks as suggested. I'll also be dosing longjack extract and tribulus starting day 1 of PCT.

    I will also most likely have Suppress-C somewhere during wk-1 since I ordered it today. Would it be helpful during PCT? seems like it would be beneficial during PCT.

    I have on hand Forma-stanzol, which I have been told is not good to use for my PCT, so I'll save it for my cut later on.

  2. Yes, cortisol control is very helpful during PCT. Start it on week 3.

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