Can you do a successful cut during PCT?

  1. Can you do a successful cut during PCT?

    Should I just wait to add in some cutting supps or can I do a decent cut while in PCT?

    Oh my cycle was for cutting no size gains

  2. My understanding is that a cutting cycle is for maintaining muscle while cutting fat. The anabolics are there to help you preserve muscle while on a caloric deficit. During PCT, you will not have the aid of the anabolic, and thus you will lose muscle if you continue on a large caloric deficit.

    How much fat do you need to lose? and what kind of cutting cycle did you do?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by themetal View Post
    Should I just wait to add in some cutting supps or can I do a decent cut while in PCT?

    Oh my cycle was for cutting no size gains
    Ok, I'm a newb to anabolics, but I can tell you this. During PCT, without even explaining anything else about it, its all about keeping your gains, doing anything catabolic, like cutting, would be a great way to watch your gains go right out the window.

  4. I did a halostane cycle but with ****ty results. I noticed maybe a +5lb strength gain. My nutrition and training is very strict and most people would say its great. I think the dosage was too low and thats why I didnt get much results.

  5. if you try and cut during PCT you will end up cutting off all the new muscle gains. The new muscle is like a baby, you have to nuture it and make sure to treat it properly. If you begin to cut cals and do lots of cardio your body wont be able to hold on to it.

    Recently you may have seen people running SARM's during PCT and having success with a cut. Thats the only way to really do it. I do not know enough to get into details but if you research you ll find the info you want.

  6. The two replies just mentioned stuf about keeping mass gains... which OP did not have any because he was on a CUTTING CYCLE. With that being said, unless someone has anything else to add, I would think that trying to cut on PCT would be bad, since not only do you not have any synthetic anabolics to maintain your muscle, you also have a surplus of estrogen and a severe lack of natural anabolics (test) in your system which leads to catabolism. If anything, I think eating maintenance calories would be your best bet until you're recovered.

  7. PCT is for you to maintain gains and restore testosterone levels back to normal. I wouldn't personally cut until 1 month past my PCT

  8. Ok thanks guys

  9. Finish pct then work on cutting. After years of working with people to cut body fat I've come to the conclusion that living a ketogenic lifestyle is by far the most effective long term way to gain and maintain a lean sculpted body.


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