Anavar PCT?

  1. Anavar PCT?

    im doing a anavar only cycle for 6 weeks 30mg ed. i was wondering how long after the cycle should you start your pct and for how long? My pct i was going touse nolva but im not sure because i heard it has estrogenic rebounds if thats right. and if i started feeling shut down during the cycle i was going to take hcg.

    Any advice or awnsers would be greatly appreciated Thanks.

  2. Pretty much cant go wrong with proper nolva dosage, but anavar you may be able to get away with otc pct.

  3. Ok How long after my cycle should I start pct? And I think I'm going to use nolva or clomid not.

  4. not many people run oral only cycles, so when I first read the topic title on this I thought you were asking about using var IN your pct, and I was like are you f'ing serious?? Glad to see this is not the case, lol.

  5. Haha would never do that bro, just not sure bout how to set up my pct as my first cycle

  6. I'd just do a normal PCT, I prefer clomid to Nolva, and best to just use the HCG the whole time instead of waiting till you feel shut down. HCG is cheap, increases your body's test levels and helps you recover. For $20 or whatever I don't know why you would choose not to use it, if you're on anavar, clearly your BALLIN...haha...

  7. Haha yesir just wish I was rich or id be ballin off the chain lol, so how many mgs of clomid for the pct should I take , and the hcg continue to use it during the pct after the cycle?


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