wpreliable online orderig of prescriptions

  1. wpreliable online orderig of prescriptions

    Ok, so I am new here and i don't think I am alone in the fact that i am afraid to order certain hard to get supplements and prescriptions online. Is it safe to use a personal credit card? Also, i know saying names of places is not an option but is there a review website of online pharmacies that is trustworthy? Any hints would be great. I am looking for nolva BTW if that helps. thanks.

  2. go with research chems it is about the same price but ships from the us and is reliable

  3. if you can't go south of the border to a pharmacia, then RC route would be ideal for you. Overseas ordering can be hit or miss. Personally, I used overseas suppliers when I was overseas myself. I got my order no problems. I just wouldn't try that here in the states.

    Also, nolva is cheap enough that I wouldn't be worried about any sort of under-dosage problems.

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