Looking for some feedback

  1. Looking for some feedback

    I've been lurking since February and just doing a lot of research out of interest. Considering a cycle in the (distant)future but want to get the cycle and PCT right before anything. I have a buddy who has been a consistent user for close to 4 years. Always has good results, few sides. He's leaned out a lot on trenabolen, which is what he suggested I use. I haven't been able to find much information on that particuluar choice. I've seen trenbolone all over the place. Same thing and he just got the spelling wrong? Trying to get as much info as I can.

    For a first time user is a 10 week cycle to much? If so, how long?
    He suggested 250mg/week for 10.

    Also, AI Cycle Support starting 2 weeks prior until end of cycle along with LiverCare tabs.

    PCT: Nolva 20/20/10/10 with AI Post Cycle Support.

    I've seen mixed opinions on HCG. Necessary?

    Again, this is not something I'm taking up anytime soon. Trying to get opinions and feedback.

  2. First of all are you talking about AAS or PH's?? If your going to pin tren its different than an oral tren.

    Your going to need to run it with test and the cycle support stuff isnt going to be needed. If your talking oral tren (19-nor) you for sure need the cycle support and other stuff.

    But either way for a 1st timer tren isnt a good option, wayyy to strong.

    If you pin stuff HCG is necessary, if you run a oral PH cycle support is necessary. Either cycle will still need Nolva for PCT.

    Your a bit confused bro. Start with a basic oral like Helladrol (halo) for your 1st time. Or just run some Tes E if your going to pin stuff.

    My advice, Lurk a little longer. You want to know what your doing when your putting these type of compounds into your own body.

  3. Thanks for the response. I defintely plan on lurking much longer and just taking in all the information I can. It's pin tren. I remember reading it could be harsh for someone new, that's why i came here when my buddy through that out there at me.

    What other compounds would you suggest for a first timer besides the 2 you mentioned. Insterested more in a cutting compound.

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