SD -nolva...and ERASE?

  1. SD -nolva...and ERASE?

    soon to be running a 30 day superdrol cycle 30/30/30/30

    for pct i was peer pressured into buying some
    i got 60 20mg tabs in the mail but i wanna split them with a buddy who's runnin superdol also..

    so my question is with 30 tabs will any sort of combination be adquate?
    say a 30/20/20/10 or a 40/20/20? or maybe just 20/20/20/20

    i was also thinking since its 30 tabs, i'd be able to run nolva 40 for 2 days then 30 the rest the week then followed by 20/20/10

    is this completely ****ed?

    also in the maill i have some Erase...i hear conflicting sides about running an AI after a superdrol cycle or running with nolva..idunno something about gyno or deleyed gyno, maybe losing gains.. i cant rememer it all

    gonna throw in some testopro in for pct as well, of course


  2. Why are you running such a high dose of SD? have you ran this compound before?
    I can tell you that I get great strength gains at 10, 20 is my max, expect severe shut down running for that long at that dose, most ppl will tell you run SD for 3 weeks at lower dosage.
    Good choice on Erase for you PCT

  3. yes, ran superdrol before at 30/30/30/30
    experienced some sides and was alittle rough during that last week but i was fine.

    any advice on how im taking the nolva? and erase, i hear tht taking an AI with/after a SERM can cause delayed gyno..especially with SD

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