Better Safe than Sorry Halovar/H-Drol PCT

  1. Better Safe than Sorry Halovar/H-Drol PCT

    I will be doing a 6 week cycle of Halovar of 50/75/75/75/75/75

    and my PCT will look like this:

    Pharmaceutical Clomid tabs: 50/50/50/50 dosed pm
    Purus Recycle: 4 caps a-day spit am & pm
    PES: Erase: 2 caps a-day split am & pm
    PES: Shift: 1 cap before bed
    PES: AT-2: 2 caps a-day
    AN's: RPM 3 caps pre-workout
    PP's: Creatine Mono: 10 grams a-day
    PP's: Beta Alanine: up to 4 grams a-day

    possibly throw in ECA... recommendation?

    Anything missing guys?

    Thanks everyone for looking!

  2. dont think you need erase and you may run it week 3 of pct at lower dose

  3. bump

    should I add anything else? I want the perfect pct.

    Thanks everyone

  4. Wow, that looks like a good pct. You spared no expense!

  5. Thinking about adding some DAA in there as well.

    Would that be a good addition?

  6. you can add DAA (testforce 2), it'll help withlibido and ball size. lol. And Recycle has L-dopa which can counter the sides of DAA, such as prolactin...However I never had any sides from DAA, but everyone is different. Basically man, U good to go IMO

  7. Looks ok to me.

    At first I thought it said Clomid prn (as needed) instead of pm and I was going to tell you that that is retarded but i digress...

  8. looks good i guess lol

    don't add ECA


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