m-drol pct / liver support question

  1. m-drol pct / liver support question

    I know theres been a lot of threads on m-drol already but none had the answer to my question. Im currently deployed and we can no longer receive mail. So with this said my question is do you think I will be alright with just running cycle assist during my cycle and not through my pct also? This would leave my pct with just running nolvadex alone. I ask this because i only have a one months supply and like i stated above theres no way i can get anymore. By the way i am going to run it 10,20,20,20.

  2. I basically just want to make sure my liver will be alright.

  3. Under those circumstances I would not run the cycle until you rotated back stateside. If you run into any problems with the cycle while deployed you are screwed.

  4. I don't get it.. Your saying you are not gonna run pct.. Or are you ? If your not gonna run pct following M-drol that would be a stupid decision. I'd NEVER reccommend it

  5. I would NOT, nolva it self is toxic. As minute as support supps are, its better to have them.

    Are you saying u have no other support supps access at all? can u even get the basics for your pct? Milk thistle, hawthorne berry? Natty test booster or cort control? Creatine? Pre work out?

    Nolva will help keep gyno away and maybe "re-start" u, but u still might lose your gains without limited help from the above.

    So the risk vs Gain is too high.

  6. I am going to run nolvadex for my pct. The problem is i only have enough cycle assist for on cycle not my pct. And was wondering if thats alright. Rush the only other things i have access to at the moment are fish oil, creatine, and multi vitamins. Do you think that will suffice?

  7. I dont reccomend on cycle milk thistle.. makes your ph wayy less potent. Save your cycle support for your pct.

  8. So if I ran the cycle with fish oil and a multivitamin alone and the for the pct used the cycle assist with creatine and weigh protein my liver and all will be good?

  9. Okay, M-drol is a very potent and highly toxic ph. Since you don't have the proper on and off cycle supporting supplements, I highly recommend NOT doing M-drol until you get back to the states.

  10. id say youd be good with just nolva, id shorten to 3 week cycle tho
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