Clomid or Nolva?

  1. Clomid or Nolva?

    I'm going to be doing an 8 week cycle of Phera Plex, Winztrol, and X-Tren. For my PCT should I do Clomid alone or can I run Clomid and Nolva together?

  2. How can people still be taking Phera? Isn't it banned?

  3. I've been sitting on an old bottle for a while. The way I'll be doing the cycle is Phera weeks 1-4, Winztrol weeks 2-6 and X-Tren weeks 4-8.

  4. Honda, so is tren. whats your point?

    OP, hope u have more than a serm for a PCT.

    I think you'd be fine with clom, but whats the doses look like?

    8 weeks?

  5. I'll be doing 30 mg of Phera and 90 mg on the Tren

  6. I mean for your PCT scheme

  7. What do you mean more than a SERM for PCT? SERM is the strongest route to go. I'll be doing a natty test booster along with with my SERM to kick start test production. Any suggestions of a better route to go?

  8. I'm planning on doing Clomid 75/50/50/25 and possibly Nolva along with it at 20/20/10/10

  9. yeah, a serm should definitly be the Base of the PCT.

    edit* Honestly dont see the point of adding Nolva with the Clom unless your thinking the clom isn't working for u.

    And test booster? what type? some claim "test" boosting when they really mean Estro suppression...

  10. Last time I did Pink Magic and hand fulls of tribulus and horny goat weed. Probably run a similar test booster this time. Maybe Prime or AXIS-HT by BSN.

  11. You may want to have something on hand to mitigate any prolactin issues that may arise from his cycle. Although since you are taking stanozolol you may get some indirect benefit of the effect stano has on progestin receptors, maybe. More likely to be successful if taking real winstrol. Good luck

  12. you can still find lots of banned items out there u just pay thru the ass

  13. Quote Originally Posted by rush808 View Post
    Honda, so is tren. whats your point?
    No point really - just amazed that people still have these compounds laying about for use.

  14. ^Haha, haven't you seen then "Stash" threads here? I personally missed out when xtren was going for like $15 per bottle...
    I knew a guy that bought 20 bottles and sold for 4x as much to ppl he lifts with in other gyms...


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