Beginner, need help!

  1. Beginner, need help!

    I am considering stacking var 10, clen, and winn 50. any advice to what i should take with it and what i should do for a post cycle. i would be very grateful for any advice. i am a first time user. i am 20 years old and have been lifting weights since i was 15. i mainly want to get cut and ripped before summer gets here

  2. do you get those off of one of those "" sites?

    how much do you weigh, how tall are you, and what are your lifts like?

  3. read the sticky... you're under 25. NO PH/DS/AAS for you. You'll do fine just training naturally w/ some creatine and whey.

    If you've been lifting for 5 years, you should already be pretty lean, and it shouldn't be hard to get on a good clean diet, do some cardio, and get cut for summer. An OTC fat burning supplement like hot-rox or similar should be fine. You can even look into ECA, but I don't think you should mess with anything more than that.

    Also, if you got your stuff from one of those "" sites, it's not real.

  4. so much fail

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