6-oxo and rebound xt alternatives?

  1. 6-oxo and rebound xt alternatives?

    looking for alternatives to 6-oxo and rebound xt for pct. Any suggestions?

  2. 6oxo - i dont know
    rebound - check out >> http://www.nutraplanet.com/product/s...t-90-caps.html

    we just got it in stock

  3. Thank you GQ. looking to do a havoc cycle 4 weeks. what do you think of reduce xt and inhibit-e for pct? Any advice on havoc pct would be great. thanks

  4. It's your 1st cycle ?

  5. yes this would be first cycle. was thinking 20/30/30/40. I also was looking into purus labs recycle and sustain alpha by primordial. Another thought was to pulse the havoc.

  6. I would keep it at 30mg through out 4weeks for 1st cycle

    I always run a serm .. But for pct I would use tboster + cortisol control

    Salpha/recycle both are great .. I prefer Pct assist with reduceXT

  7. What would be best serm and dosage. could you give me and example of a full month pct.
    what you would run for serm, test boost, and cort control. could you also pm me sites for serms? Thanks again gq

  8. I don't kno any sites to get a serm, I get it from a doc

    Clomid - 50/50/50/50
    Pct assist - 0/0/6/6/6/6caps
    Reduce XT - 0/0/3/3/3/3

  9. 50 is high on clomid no? I"ve seen 20 is good.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by racit View Post
    50 is high on clomid no? I"ve seen 20 is good.
    no bro actually its a normal dosage .. i actually was gonna suggest 100

    i think you have it confused with the other serm "nolva" which is typically run at 20-40mg


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