okay you guys are gonna rip me up but listen..i found an old bottle of phera plex at a place and its expired in 09..i think its safe from what ive read so im takin 20/20/20/20...the guy i got it from has i thnk 30 or 40 clomid pills i can grab so im gonna do that and i was wondering if u guys think since i cant get novadex...mabe i should stack clomid with the novadex xt stuff or some other legal test booster just to help..what u guys think..also im takin this stuff for a big thing called the winter music conference in miami and i know im gonna be doing lots of drugs liek xtc and coke..u thunk its gonna be really dangerous to do drugs liek a week after finishing the cycle..i know its dangerous i just dont wana die but i know so many huge guys that juice alot and do mad drugs and are fine..what do u guys think honestly..dont just abuse me lol..im doing what im doing so just help if u can...what else u thnk i should take for pct other then clomid i dont really have a huge budget either..do u thnk i can get liver fail or anythig or like have probelms with blood presure from the phera and doing blow? thanks guys ..looking foawrd to the abuse im gonna get..btw im 22 145 pounds 5 years on and off of working out..3 years every day consistant...very good shape ...also do you think doing xtc and percocet is gonna mess with my test and gyno and ****? im kinda nervous,,,wow i wrote alot