Keto during PCT?

  1. Keto during PCT?

    Hi, i've had a hell of a time with this last winter bulk. I've reached my size goal, but with too much extra bodyfat. I'm very anxious to loose it. Ok, so halfway through my Mdrol/M-LMG cycle i came down with virus, and i'm tore my biceps brachilias. So, my workouts are going to have to take a backseat for a while. I've already accepted the fact that i'm going to loose gains, but I think i'm just going to start cutting very slowly with PCT. I've been considering going back on CKD for PCT. I'm going to be taking Nolva and Resveratrol for PCT, but also some Formestane, Ostarine, and perhaps a peptide of some sort. Has anyone ever done keto during PCT?

  2. IMO, cut carbs to 50-100grams during PCT, once you feel better, hit the keto. Others will have better ideas. I've always hated keto diets. I like the anabolic diet better.
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  3. just curious, how did u run this stack and how were gains and sides?
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  4. I am going to disagree here. If you are out of the gym and in pct you need to keep eating at a higher caloric level. Inevitably, keto or not, you will be tempted to eat unde calories in your pct. This won't make you lose all of your gains, but quite possibly a good portion.
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  5. Id concentrate on healing your injuries first and start looking at a well thought out cardio program. Watch your calories but dont exclude carbs, your goin to need them to hold onto muscle and help your body repair the injury. Once your done healing you can concentrate specifically on your next goal without the distraction of an injury.
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