Zma good for pct?

  1. Zma good for pct?

    Almost done my last cycle 25 mg dbol for 5 weeks one week left.... Gained 16lbs so far. One week left bumping to 30mg.... Is my pct solid?

    Nolva 40/20/20/20
    Titanium (natty test booster
    Generate (by lg)

    Also this is my last cycle because I'm young and am
    done taking chances.... So if I want to get bloods done how long after pct do I wait to see what my actual natty test is? I don't want the doc to see anything like nolva in my blood... I was thinking about a month after pct?

  2. Oo I know dbol only was dumb... But if I can get 4-6 more lbs and keep just 8-10lbs I'll be happy...

  3. i used zma as my natty booster after my very first cycle. luckily it was hdrol. for me, it was at least not enough i don't think. but thats not the only t booster you've got in i don't understand the question lol.

  4. Well mainly on the blood work part... When should I get it done to get my actually real natural test a month after pct?

  5. Id doubt Nolva is goin to come up on the test. It might show some abnormalties in your blood, and he may be confused from it. If I were you id be honest with your doc and let him know whats goin on. Yeah your probably not goin to like getting a lecture, but he/she will should do whats needed and that is to provide you with the best care ( in his opinion ).

    You can always find another doctor if he's not working out for you.
    Primordial Performance
    ( at heart )

  6. Well mainly the only reason I want to take the test is just make sure my test is where is should be.... Hoping for at least a solid 500 number....

  7. Zinc is brilliant.

  8. If you're a young guy and ask your doc to check anything beyond normal cbc and basic metabolic panels he's gonna want to know why. Especially if you look like you look jacked. If this is your regular doc it will go into your chart and may cause problems for you if your insurance carrier gets wind of it. Just get your labs drawn for cash at one of these labcorps. or some other place.

  9. Ok how much does just test and estrogen cost? What about them OTC test at like vitamen shop are they somewhat accurate?


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