Got bloodwork done, liver levels came back high, what to do?

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    Got bloodwork done, liver levels came back high, what to do?

    Just got some bloodwork done after being on CKD for the past 5 weeks. Liver levels, as expected, all came back high(ish). I'm 20 years old, gonna be on CKD for at least another 8 weeks. Haven't ever done any anabolics, but thinking about them once I hit 25 (so five more years of training naturally at least). Thought this would be the best place to ask questions regarding bloodwork, however.

    I highlighted the tests that came back high.

    Should I worry about adding anything to mitigate liver stress (milk thistle)?

    Haven't been drinking at all while dieting, and get between 6-8L of water a day. Tons of BCAAs.

  2. imo, the elevation isn't much to worry about. Milk thistle isn't a bad supplement if you're worried, especially at this minor level of elevation.

    When you say CKD do you mean cyclic ketogenic diet?
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