Aborted cycle due to possible gyno issue-what now?

  1. Aborted cycle due to possible gyno issue-what now?

    I recent started a Protomax cycle running it up 100mgs at the end of a week and half and started to get these terrible pains in my chest under the nipple. I stopped and immediatly jumped into PCT. The pain is gone after 5 days now and I feel much better. I really freaked over this and plan on running my PCT out which is Nolva 20/20/10/10 and the TRS stack. My question is now what to do after the fact?
    I did not develope lumps in my chest but it was VERY painful!!!

  2. Hmmm, interesting because Protomax is not suppose to aromatize. I would continue using the Nolvadex and get blood work done every couple weeks to determine if an AI is necessary due to elevated estradiol levels. If after a few weeks E2 is indeed elevated, consider introducing an AI into your PCT as you taper down your SERM to avoid "rebound gyno" after you discontinue the SERM.

    I am really surprised you ran into gyno issues using a compound that is not suppose to aromatize. However, your symptoms seem like potential gyno and it is better to be safe than sorry.

  3. try it again at a lower dose, and if you want to sell the protomax depending on how many caps are left and your askin price i'll be interested in taking it off your hands?

    i had a good experience with protomax personally.................... ...............
    if i remember right i think my gains were between 7-9 lbs. on 1 bottle, not bad in my book with minimum sides if any.

  4. I was very surprised by the whole thing myself. The pain started on one side then moved to the other and got worse and it scared the s*** out of me!!! All I can think is that I ran Erase over the holidays and didn't give myself enough time between the two and had some sort of rebound. I think some of it was psychosomatic but I have never had that type experience before.

  5. i had a similar experience with a certain product but the pain just remained around the heart area and i discontinued the product and replaced it with another and all was well, while others ran the same product and all was good. i guess it could be a case of different strokes for different folks. but i definitetly overstand where your coming from.

  6. It really sucks because the first time I ran it I really didn't respond to it. At 75+ mgs I was blowing up!! I would have come out very well on this but who knows? I really want to feel secure that run another cycle of something in a few months? And that SERM on hand is no joke!!


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