Expected Costs

  1. Expected Costs

    Just wondering what you guys think is reasonable, unreasonable, or great concerning prices or clomid or nolva?

    What should I expect or refuse to pay?

    -If i'm crossing any boundaries asking this let me know so I can remove the post

  2. Just about everywhere I've looked they have been $50.

  3. For what? research chems? pharm tabs? we need number of pills and dosage....

    20mg tabs of nolva are about the same price as 50mg tabs of clomid from what I've seen. Torem tabs are much more expensive and not widely available.
    Nolva can be found for around $20 for 30ct @ 20mg

  4. I've never paid over $30 for what I've needed.
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  5. Jeez, I'm gettin ripped off.

  6. You learn from your mistakes. :-)

  7. Yeah I got ripped off last time I got Clomid, paid 70 bucks for 50/50mg.

  8. Trying to get

  9. to 7 posts.

  10. no more than 40 shipped and its a great amount
    if blow was characterized as a guy, consider me a homosexual :)


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