How's my pct? Enough? Hope so....

  1. How's my pct? Enough? Hope so....

    I ran dbol only... Well still am... 20mg for five weeks... With erase as my ai. Anyway I'm on day 6. Ok so anyway how does my pct look? Is this enough... I'm hoping I can keep 10-15lbs....

    Nolva 40/20/20/20
    Tcf-1 first 12 days and last 12 days
    Generate by lg.. 6 pumps morning 6 at nite
    Titanium.(natty test booster)

    Is that a good pct? I would think the nolva would keep estrogen away....

    I also have this stuff called gains keeper... It atd and 6bromo and trib... Should I just save this for later? Just want to make sure my pct is perfect...

  2. PCT looks good, and nice addition with the TCF-1 (DAA). I would save the other stuff for something later on.


  3. Nice... I thought that would be enough to get my natty test back up. And crush any estrogen/prolactin rebound. And feel great... In a week or two...

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