Seeking Wisdom..

  1. Seeking Wisdom..

    I'm gathering all the items for an upcoming cycle that is as follows

    Dbol 20 / 20/20
    Protomax X / X / 50/ 75 / 75

    My main goals for the cycle are just to asses my tolerance to foreign estrogen and add a couple lbs.

    My stats are:

    MY Main Question is this: As I have no idea how my body will react to the estrogen produced from dbol I plan on keeping an AI on the side in case of gyno signs. I've done some research about which one to use and read great reviews about Formestane. Would PP's Formestane LV suffice in case of gyno signs or should I step it up to Letro? I've heard harsh things about Letro, but then again gyno's nothing to fool around with.

    Note* I don't plan on dosing the AI unless signs I don't want to put anything into my body unless necessary (oh the irony).

  2. I guess I'll just get both!

    I planned on running Superdrol instead of the Dbol but I've read mixed reviews about Superdrol in general. So I figured this would be a perfect opportunity to run a compound that did aromatize do see how my body reacted in preparation for a 12 week (500mg/wk) Test E run with dbol kickstart.

    I suppose if all goes well I'll have both PP Formestane LV and Letro left over from this run ready to use on my 12 weeker.

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