Hello, I've written in the past about a combo cycle of this, though at the time the only response I got was "good idea, you're going to die of liver failure immediately." As this type of cycle has increased in popularity, I figured I might try to ask again: what would an ideal pct consist of?

    I am currently thinking of Nolva (40/40/20/20) for estrogen blocking alongside a test booster, of which I am considering Iforce's tropinol and DAA. My idea is to limit the estrogen while increasing my own testes production (as anyone would seek during pct). I haven't been able to find any mechanism of action for bulbine natalensis, though both that an DAA seem to increase LH as well as total testosterone. Anyone have any insight on this? also, any ideas as far as to what a good dosing would be (i.e. taper, stagger, etc.)?

    obviously I wouldn't go near the d-zine/m-lmg without proper supports (I will be using SAMe, liv-52, hawthorne, alongside relevant prolactin suppressors for the methoxy), though that isn't what this question is. The other consideration is DS's Triazole, as in addition to being a suicide inhibitor it also has CAPE, which has been shown to support healthy liver function. What are peoples' opinions on the current state of PCT?

  2. No one has any thoughts? Bummer...

  3. Bridge the triazole thru half your cycle into your pct. Nolva good. The Tropinol+DAA sounds good. Wouldn't hurt to throw in a good PCT assistant supp like PCT Assist etc etc as well....in fact I would recommend it. I'm not entirely sure on dosage of the m-lmg stack because I haven't had any experience with it. But I'm sure if you pm me I can hook you up with some literature on it

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