My nolva fell through, I need help.

  1. My nolva fell through, I need help.

    I'm on hdrol/11-sterone stack for six weeks. For my pct I have

    Hardcore test (myogenix)
    Post cycle support (annobolic innovations)
    Lean xtreme
    and now I have clomid. How do I dose the clomid? Should i use all of those products I have? Thanks in advance.

  2. Clomid 50/50/50/50 with Post cycle support is plenty of pct for that cycle. Save the rest.

  3. The ai post cycle support is enough of a test booster? I'm not sure what I will ever do with inhibit e. Any ideas?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Machete View Post
    The ai post cycle support is enough of a test booster? I'm not sure what I will ever do with inhibit e. Any ideas?
    I've read some people like to start using Inhibit E around week 2 or 3 of their PCT then taper down dosage on the Inhibit E but continue to use it even a few weeks past PCT to prevent gyno rebound. I've never done it or had any experience but that's just what I've read.

  5. I cringe at seeing a steady dose of clomid...but that's just me. I had problems with estrogen rebound after I was off it when I ran it 50 straight through. I did 8 weeks of tren a few months ago and tried tapering it, I think I ran 75/50/50/25 and also ran a bottle of reversitol v2, and had no problems with gyno that time around I've never taken inhibit e but I do swear by CEL's formestane. I have always started it my last two weeks on cycle and ran it straight through PCT til it was gone. That's just the way I do it, everyone's different, but I hope this information helps you in your decisions.
    I also just ran a 3 week cycle of Alpha One, and sides were supposed to be crazy, and I tapered Nolva at low dose with my formestane and reversitol and the boys returned to normal ASAP and no gyno. Good luck.

  6. 50/50/50/50 clomid with your Post Cycle support is fine for your cycle man...just like already stated.
    Recoverbro Elite
    "This is what we've been working on"

  7. Clomid 100/0/0/0
    Inhbit E 0/2/2/1
    AI PCT as directed
    Hardcore T as directed

    I see no need to waste the clomid. Use it for a good jumpstart and let the natty stuff dot the rest.

  8. Is there anything i should have on hand incase of gyno during my cycle?

  9. I don't think you'll get gyno. Both compound are mild. Run Inhibit-e if it shows up till you get some nolva, but it won't.


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