Cel Dzine Pct

  1. Cel Dzine Pct

    Anyone have any info on what the best pct for dzine would be. Tried to research it but couldnt really find anything. Thanks

  2. I would do:
    PCT assist
    Reduce XT or Suppress C
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative
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  3. Yup need a SERM, I prefer Toremifene 90/60/60/30, and right now we have a sale if you buy the TRS stack (Testosterone Recovery) you get a free TCF-1, best option for pct imo. http://www.primordialperformance.com...-sustain).html

  4. So I would need the TRS and the serm as well?

  5. No the TRS stack is not a requirement, I suggest using it with a SERM because it makes pct a breeze, recovery is super fast, and some report continued gains during pct.


  6. Let me refer you to this thread it should help
    hCG - Unraveled: A valuable resource reference.

    Trauma goes over the TRS stack and some helpful information on SERMS. We also have a wealth of information on our site.

  7. Thanks man!

    How would I dose the serm with the trs???
    I would start it after the last day of the cycle???

  8. SERM dose depends on which one you choose, be it Nolva, Clomid, Toremifene etc. I suggest Toremifene dosed at 90/60/60/30, and yes start it after the last day of cycle.

  9. Clomid or Nolva

    no need for more anti cort stuff its in the HCG.


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