Liquid Clomid

  1. Liquid Clomid

    I just received my liquid clomid in the mail. When I shook the bottle around I noticed little pieces in the solution. Is this normal?

  2. Absolutely normal.

    Some RCs, namely the ones I use, also tend to separate, and it is necessary to warm them up in the microwave to homogonize (sp?)

    Make sure to agitate the bottle thoroughly, to ensure an even distribution of the particles in suspension.

    Also, get yourself a couple 1 ml oral syringes, which make it easier to dose 25 mg, which is 0.5 ml for a 50 mg / ml concentration. I even through in a taper down week of 12.5 mg, which is 0.25 ml, and hard to measure with anything but a 1 ml oral syringe.

    Available free from you pharmicist. When he asks you what it's for, be prepared with an answer. I was not and felt embarrassed. Second time I said I was using it to measure out precise amounts of pigments to make custom artist paints. Hah


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