which is better to get the boys up again

  1. which is better to get the boys up again

    Gonna run

    epi 30/40/40/40
    hdrol 50/75/100/100/100/100
    11 sterone 0/0/450/450/375/375/300

    for my pct what is better or use both

    liq tamox citr. or liq clom. these r not all i am using .
    lean extreme(ds)
    post cycle
    free test (an)
    milk thistle
    no2 black
    ce2 hi def

    help greatly appreciated. I have the tamox, just need to no about the liq clom
    or liq torem if u think better.

  2. Toremefine

  3. it depends on the user

  4. my budies do both torem with clomid at 50/50//25/25 but they did high dose cycles and was first time they used torem. before than did Tamox 40/20/20/10
    Clomid 50/50/25/25

  5. Do you guys think torem. will do on its own w/ other otc supps I have listed, and save the tamox,. Or should I use the torem. w/ other serm. Also,do u think it is right to taper down
    into pct w/ 11 sterone. any help appreciate. thx

  6. torem is fine and keep the OTC stuff

    add some hghup in pct.

  7. thanks , actually ordering hghup and free test. My question about 11 sterone. Should i start
    at week #1 or bridge in at week# 3 like I have? also should it be tapered up starting at
    something like 0/0/300/375/450/450/400/375. And then start tapering down going into pct. Or start at highest dose 450/working down into pct. Like I have. Thank alot. Due u think this will be to rough on the joints. I could switch out the 11 sterone with propadrol est. Sorry bout all the questions ,but its usually hard to get a response sometimes.

  8. not sure about the 11 sterone. id wait to have it in the bridge tho and not ran through out. id only taper down slightly.

  9. Thanks ,holding off maybe a week, trying to get weight under 240.


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