Confusion about Tren gyno + Nolva...few questions!

  1. Confusion about Tren gyno + Nolva...few questions!

    I'm planning my next PH cycle, which will be Tren/Havoc/Propadrol. I have all support supps and PCT lined up, although I'm still trying to figure out the whole "nolva vs. clomid" for tren PCT, prolactin gyno, here are a few questions hope you could help me with.

    1) Havoc (epistane) is supposed to be a potent anti-estrogen, and since I have read evidence that prolactin-induced gyno (tren gyno) is caused by interaction of progesterone and high circulating estrogrens, the Havoc SHOULD (in theory) make the elevated levels of progesterone less likely to cause gyno. So would running the Havoc and Tren decrease chances of tren gyno? I was also thinking of throwing in low dose arimidex on cycle to further decrease estrogen.

    2) I have Nolva on hand for PCT, but have access to Clomid. I also have Letro which I will be running pre-cycle to knock out an existing small gyno lump. I have read that Nolva is bad news for Tren PCT, however it is good for Havoc PCT, basically due to Nolva making estrogen receptors in the breast more active and thus increasing progesterone gyno (Tren gyno).

    Should I get Clomid for PCT? Is there honestly that big of a difference? If I control progesterone ON cycle with Havoc, arim, and B6/Vitex/L-Dopa (I will also be using these 3 during PCT), will there still be a risk DURING PCT using Nolva of getting tren gyno?

    Thanks alot for the help!

  2. I don't know much about prohormones anymore but with real Tren you need cabergoline or dostinex to combat gyno. Arimadex won't help much with Tren. I've been at it for a long time and todays supplements are far more effective than when I started. Get your PCT and diet together before you start your cycle. Diet is everything.

  3. Yea the only reason I would add arimidex on cycle would be to drop estrogen levels. I've read that many Tren based compounds in which prolactin gyno are the result of progesterone AND high estrogen. High progesterone by itself cannot cause gyno, but combined with high estrogen has the potential to. Thus, lowering estrogen can prevent the high progesterone levels from causing gyno.

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