Clomid & Ejaculation

  1. Clomid & Ejaculation

    Some users report that taking Clomid increases the amount of fluid produced during ejaculation,

  2. i dont know if it increases volume but dr's will scribe it to increase sperm count

  3. when i am on clomid, like really good clomid, my amount is about double whatit usually is...almost drown the gf...

  4. Ive heard similar stories about clomid

  5. There are a few older threads here regarding porn stars/clomid use.

  6. I spew like peter north when I use clomid

  7. Clomid + Sustain Alpha = Porn Star

  8. I honestly didnt notice a difference...

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Texan281 View Post
    I honestly didnt notice a difference...
    U prolly ain't jackin off enuf to notice a difference.

  10. Or too often
    Quote Originally Posted by madds87 View Post
    Im not to fond of taking serm's for long periods of time....

  11. Ya for me clomid+HCGenerate+Sustain Alpha TD on the balls=Where did all that cum from?

  12. I didn't notice a diff either!!
    Think training's hard,. try losing!


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