Stinging Nettle/Divanil AFTER pct?

  1. Stinging Nettle/Divanil AFTER pct?

    So, I was reading, and reading led me to thinking, which is dangerous.

    Please, trouble shoot my logic (for the lack thereof, which is inevitable...):

    1 - SHBG binders effectively raise free test,
    and stinging nettles extract in high doses and divanil straight work for that purpose.

    2 - As test levels rise, so do estro levels (common sense, really).

    3 - PCT includes a SERM so as to keep estro from binding to breast tissue, essentially doing to boobs offcycle what the good stuff does to biceps, oncycle.

    4 - A SERM allows estro to rise along with test.

    5 - PCT follows a SERM with an A.I. in order to improve the test/estro balance AFTER hormone levels have risen to an appreciable point.

    6 - PCT ends with a tapered A.I. so that the body is, I suppose, as gently as possible lowered onto its own support system with high levels and a favorable ratio of those levels to start with going into the recuperation period.

    7 - However, people STILL end up with (estro, not progesterone and related compounds) related moobs. Sometimes.

    And, here is my question. Well, the start of the question phase:

    I have read people suggest NOT to use SHBG binders during PCT (during SERM, or during A.I. use).

    *From what I can gather, this is because the increased free test serves to down-regulate test production, on the whole, thereby effectively lowering available test for estrogen-ification (maybe not a word, but ... ), thereby, and here is the point I believe, effectively keeping hormone levels of either type from raising to desired levels.

    However, it seems that this same mechanism would help to prevent estrogen rebound induced gyno if utilized POST PCT.

    Am I right to think this?
    Or, am I the idiot that I think that I am?

  2. I have read to that Divanil is not good during PCT. But On cycle it is a good idea.

  3. I think the effects on cycle would be overpowered by the steroid. There is an arguement that nettle helps you keep your gains pct but it could make a full recovery take longer...

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