Well....last 2 weeks of cycle...time to prepare for PCT

  1. Well....last 2 weeks of cycle...time to prepare for PCT

    Well guys its my last 2 weeks of my test enth cycle. Gained about 24 pounds and strength through the roof. I've got my clomid and nolva (as well as arimidex) on hand and ready to go. Just had a couple last questions.

    1. I get mixed answers when asking when to start pct....is it one week or two weeks? I know enth is a long ester so I figured 2 but others say 1.

    2. As far as dosing for my nolva I was reccommended by my dealer 40/40/20/20 and colmid at 100/50/50/50 what do you guys think? I've heard clomid is just as effective taken 100mg as 50mg.

    Any help would be great guys thanks.

  2. 1. 2 weeks after you last pin, check the halflife if ya dont beleive me ;P

    2. clomi 50mgs x 4 weeks and no need for a 2nd week fo 40mgs of nolva, 40/20/20/10 is fine
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  3. yea i knew the half life was pretty long. Everyone does things so freakin different that I get vastly different answers all over....thanks for the help!!

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