I want some opinions and criticism if necessary for my monster pct I am putting 2gether.I will be running 20mg nolvadex ed,50mcg IGF-1 LR3 5on 2off,500mcg peg mgf,400 mcg regular mgf eod,3 scoops of anadraulic state gt every morning,1g tribulus 40% 2-3xday,1g long Jack 50:1, 2-3xday,Life Extension forskolin 50mg 1xday,DHEA 100mg 3xday,Ashwaghanda 450mg 4.5% total withanolides 2-3x day,phosphatidylserine 1,000mg after morning cardio which is wrapped up 1 hour b4 weight training,Now Fenugreek 1g 2-3xday.I would like to add sodium caprylate which is a psarm that is supposed to increase androgen binding by 250% but it is impossible to find other than in LG products like formadrol and methyl1-d.Ne criticism is much appreciated as i am still studying dosing for all this and my pct will start n 2 weeks so hit me with suggestions.This will b my last cycle 4 probably 6 months and I am right where I want 2 be so pct is invaluable to me,also i am a little obsessive and luv 2 build my own stacks.

  2. Also I will be taking 25g dextrose and 34g Sugar from Honey(for insulin release) mixed with 5g BCAA,5g Leucine,600mg ala,and tri chromium between meals which will be spaced every 2.5hrs and consist of 100g complex carbs and 50-75g of protein.I weigh 197lbs at 4-6% bodyfat and have been cutting for most of this cycle so hopefully I keep my gains as they have been slow and steady!!!!!!!!

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