Is cortisol control necessary for pct?

  1. Is cortisol control necessary for pct?

    I am coming off a 3month test cycle and i am going to pct with 20 mg nolvadex and 50mcg IGF-1 lr3,200 mcg Mgf.The lr3 will be done im 5on 2off and the mgf will be done im eod.Also I have access to cheap tribulus and i have a bunch of anadraulic state gt so the natty boosters might help the way i c it,if u guys disagree or think these natty boosters suck let me no ur opinion.I think they can be useful 4 ppl with low test levels but r useless 4 ppl n their twenties lookin 4 that xtra edge.This 2 me seems like it will be a good pct but i was wondering if u guys feel it is necessary to throw n cortisol blockers,SNS makes 1 pretty cheap so it's no biggie but i want some nput.Is cortisol raging pc and n need of being tamed to maximize gains or is the whole concept overstated and overrated.Also if u guys think my nolva dosing is 2 low then let me no but the general consensus seems to be that guys overuse nolva and it is only needed n doses of around 20.Also i have the "true twenty" so no worries when it comes to dosing.As this substance is very hepatoxic i would rather run it low as i no 4 a fact from bloodwork it is hell on the liver.

  2. I would take something for it, maybe a low dose of dhea

  3. Not necessary, but I would recommend it. My view on PCT is if you spent all this time and money on a great cycle, why skimp on PCT which is arguably more important that the cycle itself?

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  4. Forma-stanzol during PCT would reduce estrogen, lower SHBG (free up test), lower cortisol, rasie IGF-1 levels and stimulate test production all in one and is slightly androgenic !

  5. vit C also works dosed mid/ morning when cort levels spike

  6. Not necessary, but really nice. Relora all the way, beehatches.


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