I've been lurkin a lot trying to do some research about Protomax and I learned a lot. I'm going to be doing a run of it with a pre and post cycle similar to this:
ht tp : //anabolicminds.c om/forum/ibe-technology/157421-sureshots-ibe-protomax. h tml (excuse the spaces I don't have the amount of posts needed)
But I also read that nothing really works quite like a legit serm. So I did some more research and sifted through countless websites. I found a research lab that sells research Clomiphene, it looks like a legit site, but looks can be deceiving as cliché as it sounds lol. I was just wondering if someone can pm me or exchange emails and possibly take a look at what I plan on getting..or give any tips.

if all goes well i'd be willing to start a thread and post some pics to show the cycle progress and the results...without the sponsor.