PCT Help, stopping cycle

  1. PCT Help, stopping cycle

    So im stopping a cycle after 4 weeks and need advice. Cycle is/was:
    Test Cyp 450mgs/week
    Tren E 200mgs/week
    Arimidex .50/eod

    For PCT, originally before starting cycle I was planning on taking nolva 20mgs a day for 4 weeks starting after 2 weeks of end of cycle. Also, I randomly have 5 tabs of clomid that are 100mgs (I didnt order it this way, the company just sent it to with my my order for some reason).

    Should I even bother taking any of the clomid since thats all I have? And/or is Nolva alone sufficient for PCT?

    Finally, after 4 weeks on cycle, is PCT even necessary? What would happen if I didnt take anything at all?

  2. I'd use the Clomid at the start of the PCT 100/100/100/50/50/50/50/50/50 to ensure a restart. Significant suppression occurs pretty fast, and after 2 weeks I'd say you really need a PCT (Before that the HPTA may recover naturally fast)
    Paging Dr. Banner. . .

  3. Im not sure I follow. I have 5 tabs of 100mgs of clomid. I have 50 tabs of 20mg Nolva. My last shots were Saturday. So I should start in 2 weeks? And I should take both?

    Also, what would be the issue if I didnt do any PCT? Just curious

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