Blood works and cycle

  1. Blood works and cycle

    What's up guys? Long time reader short time poster. I came posting here because I'm planning a cycle(have done 2 of them) but this will be the first one doing three full hormonal blood works(doing it more out of curiosity and, of course, safety), one pre cycle, other while and at the end of pct. I have hdrol here so i'll be using it(prob 50/50/75/75 or 75/75/75/75 dunno yet), along with thistle and nova for pct(20/20/10/10).Since i know how is my situation pre , i would like to know while in pct(lets say third week)if i run my blood work, and i see my test rising but my free estrogen still higher(since i'll be blocking its receptor it should be higher right?) should i take something like femara to avoid a rebound after nova is discontinued? Just planing, i'll create a log here too(since i'm one of those who are obsessive)


  2. Get your blood work a few days after you discontinue, youll be able to see if your nolva worked, and also what your E2 is at, since you want to get that much blood work anyway.

    I highly recomend it, I waited a month after my nolva to get blood work and got a 250 total test results... Wish I would have checked sooner.

  3. hmm thanks deadaim, nice to have you answering my post . Well my estradiol value ranges from 15-20 picograms,mean being 10-65, depending on what am i doing(like dieting,or intense training) i always do it in the same lab to avoid different meanings or methods. I have an easy time getting prescriptions because my father is physician.
    Hmm why should i run a bloodwork after nova is discountinued? Wouldnt be better to know how the things is before ?



  4. IF i had the money I would get blood work before my cycle. Once more at the end of my cycle, halfway through nolva, 5 days after nolva, 30 days after nolva.

    pre blood work for reference, end of cycle to see shutdown and liver elevation, halfway through nolva to see if its working, 5 days after nolva to see if my estrogen is too high , (because around 5-7 days is when nolva will start losing its effectiveness) and 30 days after to see if im recovered.

  5. I agree with you, that is what i was thinking(actually i was thinking in running on like third or forth week of hdrol to see its results since it takes a while for tbol to kicks in). Good point on nova, forgot that it has a 7 days of half life. My health care let me have 3 bloodworks p/ month so i dont pay anything(except my health care :P). But lets say that at the end of nolva my e2 is high, and my test lvls are almost normal, should i take femara or something? And if it is of your interest , i would post them.


  6. I would not use your health care provider to get blood work when your taking steroids.

    Those irregular test results could be saved in your file and some how used against you negatively. offers pretty reasonable pricing on private bloodwork. 24 hour results, through email.

  7. Thanks for info but i dont live in USA, here, labs do not submit results for health care companies, docs can do it, but not labs.

  8. excellent!

  9. what do you think about doses? 75/75/75/75 or 50/50/75/75? I dont think it will cause any troubles i have taken tbol before at 75 and it was ok, but i'm thinking cost-wise(sides,costxresults)?or doing a longer cycle, like 5~~6 weeks?



  10. Definitely go the full 5-6 weeks.

  11. 50/75/7575/100/100...that would be my dosing


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