advice on PCT - 14 week test e cycle

  1. advice on PCT - 14 week test e cycle


    Been taking;

    test e 600mg per week for 14 weeks
    and the last 4 weeks 400mg of deca on top

    I have 10x50mg clomid and heaps of nolva and 6-0x0 on hand


    should i use the clomid just because i have it at the start of PCT?

    say day 1 150mg
    day 2 150mg
    day 3 100mg
    day 4 100mg

    and then run the nolva for 5 1/2 weeks tampering down 40/40/30/20/10/10?

    and chuck in some light 6-0x0 with the clomid and first week of nolva?

    or is this overkill?


  2. oh...and i've been using HCG for the last 45 days on cycle at 500mg per week

  3. Clomid:50/50/50/50

    That^^^ is what I recommend..

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